The KC Lab

Welcome to The KC Lab

The lab is moving to Wichita State University on August 12th, 2019. This page will not be updated anymore. If you need to contact Dr. KC, his email address is His ncat email has not been working since July 24th, 2019.

The KC LAB aka Bioinformatics and Data Science Lab at North Carolina A&T State University is directed by Dr. Dukka KC. Our research interests are mainly in the area of computational biology/bioinformatics and data science. Essentially, the lab is utilizing various computational tools/techniques including Machine Learning/Deep Learning techniques to decipher relationships between protein sequence, structure, function and evolution. Furthermore, our other main research area is development of high performance algorithm including but not limited to parallel algorithms (OpenMP, MPI, GPGPU) for various computational science and engineering problems including but not limited to bioinformatics. More recently, we have also started working on BIG Data . The lab has its own Hadoop cluster and eight high-end iMac for solving extremely sophisticated and computationally intensive problems.