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Welcome to The KC LAB aka Bioinformatics and Data Science Lab news and updates page.

Congratulations Hussam for publication of your paper in Scientific Reports.
Congratulations Clarenence White for successfully defending his Dissertation (03/06/2018)
Congratulations Dr. KC for the promotion and tenure.
Congratulations Dr. KC for receiving JSPS Visiting Professor Fellowship to Japan
Congratulations Derrick for completing your MS and admission into Ph.D. program with Title III Fellowship
Welcome Bria Massey to the KC Lab. Bria is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Biology.
Congratulations Clarence White for acceptance of your paper in BMC Bioinformatics.
Congratulations Dr. Hamid Ismail for publication of your paper in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
Congratulations Sandhya Chopade for successfully defending her M.S. Thesis. She will graduate this December.
Welcome Meenal Chaudhari to the KC Lab. Meenal is joining KC Lab as a Ph.D. Student from this Fall.
We will host two REU-site students in KC Lab. Marcus Postell from Bethune-Cookman University and Tyisheam Jackson from our own NCA&T. They will be working on deep-learning based approaches for post-translational modificaiton sites.
Congratulations Derrick for receiving the opportunity to visit University of Kansas, Bioinformatics Center as a visiting student for this summer. Thank you Dr. Vakser for providing the opportunity.
Our recent Ph.D. graduate Dr. Samuel Chapman started his job at Booz Allen Hamilton. Congratulations Dr. Chapman (04/20/2017)
We organized the first-ever I-TASSER Workshop here at NCA&T Workshop Link. Thank you all for participating and we will see you next year (03/15/2017).
Dr. KC hooded Samuel Chapman on 12/10/2016, Congratulations Dr. Chapman
Derrick Perry joined KC Lab. Welcome Derrick. He will be working on multi-domain protein sructure prediction.
Samuel Chapman successfully defended his Dissertation (07/2016)
Dr. KC hooded Hamid Ismail on 05/14/2016, Congratulations Dr. Ismail
Hamid Ismail successfullly defended his Ph.D. Dissertation, Congratulations (03/21/2016)
Ashwani Jha successfullly defended his MS Thesis, Congratulations (03/2016)
Dr. KC hooded Ahoi Jones on 12/12/2015, Congratulations Dr. Jones
Ahoi Jones (our first Ph.D. student) successfullly defended his Ph.D. thesis, Congratulations (10/21/2015)