Welcome to the 2017 I-TASSER WORKSHOP!


The purpose of this workshop is to enhance the education and training of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of protein structure and function prediction, as well as users of the I-TASSER system. I-TASSER is one of the most successful and widely used protein structure prediction tools, which has been freely available to academic users as a web-server and standalone package. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the principal investigator of I-TASSER, Dr. Yang Zhang, who will be talking about I-TASSER and retrospective view of I-TASSER in the last decade. The workshop also contains other featured talks on ab initio folding, structure-based function annotation, protein-DNA interaction, and post-translational modifications. There will also be a poster session in the workshop for students/researchers to showcase their research in general areas of protein structure and function related research. Participation is open to students and researchers in the I-TASSER user community, while individuals from underrepresented groups and minority serving institutions are particularly encouraged. Registration is required for participating in the workshop but is free for all participants. Beverage and refreshments are available during the meeting. We will also provide free lunch boxes .

The workshop is supported in part by the NSF ABI grants (DBI1564756 and DBI1564606) and the Department of Research and Economic Development at North Carolina A&T State University.

Program & Organizing Commitee

  • Dr. Jun-tao Guo , University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Dr. Dukka KC , North Carolina A&T State University
  • Dr. Yang Zhang , University of Michigan

  • Venue and Location

    McNair Hall Auditorium
    North Carolina A&T State University Campus
    Greensboro, NC, 27411

    How to Get Here

    Getting to our event is easy! From Greensboro, take Market Street east, make a left onto Laurel Street. Continue on Laurel as it brings you right into the parking ramp. After parking, cross Laurel by foot and make your way to the McNair Hall (College of Engineering Building - a six story red brick building) and the auditorium is in the 2nd floor. Building. We are up on the 4th Floor.

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